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    Jun 28, 2010
    iOS4 problems - updating apps?
    Has anyone had any problems updating thier apps after installing iOS4 on thier 3GS? I update to iOS4 yesterday and went about organising all my apps into folders and then updating them through the app store.

    What happens is I get the progress bar on the folders but none of them go through to completion, they just get stuck. And the apps become unusable and unremovable as it thinks they are waiting to be updated.

    Can anyone help?? Thanks!

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    Jun 28, 2010
    Just wanted to post an update.

    I restarted the iPhone and the apps started updating properly, however they all came out of their folders to update, I then had to re-organise them again.

    has anyone had the same issue? I think this is a bug as I don't think apple would make the apps update like this as it causes annoyance.

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    I have iOS4 running on an iPhone 3G..I have everything except the Apple apps in folders..

    I just ran opened up App Store on the phone and had a single update for an app that's already in a folder. I did an update and the progress bar (showing loading/installing) showed up on the folder itself and when the update was done the app stayed in the folder.

    Now I didn't get the usual "loading/installing" text that I used to get instead of the app name when it is outside the folder..


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