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    iPhone 3gs update
    Hi guys, just got the iPhone 3gs and it says I should upgrade 4OS. I conect to the internet by a dongle and can not have my phone and dongle in my mac at the same time as they wont fit?

    Is there a way I can upgrade to 4OS direct from my iPhone without plugging into my mac?

    Thanks in advance

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    Wow that's quite a only have one USB port?? What kind of computer is this? You'll need to have the iPhone plugged into your computer so that iTunes will show it you and then you will need to ask iTunes to download the iOS4 upgrade which it will do over the Internet and then go through the process of upgrading the iPhone..

    So in your situation, you will need to get a USB hub so that you can have both plugged in at the same time..


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    On a 3G it would be a non-issue, but on a non-jailbroken 3GS, it sounds like you'll need either a USB hub or possibly you could connect to the Internet via Ethernet.

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    I have a macbook pro which only has two usb ports and the dongle is too fat to plug th phone in next to it.

    I will connect wirelessly at work was just checking if it was an option.

    Thanks guys

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