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Thread: iPhone 3G OS4 Help

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    iPhone 3G OS4 Help
    Hi, I hope someone can help.

    I updated my iPhone 3G to the latest OS4 yesterday. The wifi worked for around half an hour then the phone couldn't find my home wifi connection.
    I haven't updated my wife's 3GS and it can see and connect to our home wifi.

    So I did a full restore of my iPhone and then chose to start again from backup and the wifi on my iPhone was able to see our network and then around half and hour later it lost it and cant see any networks. My wifes iPhone still can see and connect so there is nothing wrong with our wifi router.

    Could there be a bug/problem with the OS4 update?

    My fingers are crossed for some help.

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    I've been having similar problems on my Mini and iPhone 4. All I did/do is reset the router and once it starts up it works just fine. I did that yesterday and my iP4 has stayed connected since.

    On my Mini I have to reset the router several times a week. I'm told upgrading to a better router/modem should solve my problem. None of my friends have issues with it and no one I've talked to yet seems to think it's a problem with the Mini.

    I'll be switching up routers later today so hopefully that solves the issues.

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