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Thread: IOS 4 email question

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    IOS 4 email question
    I downloaded the new IOS 4 today and noticed something with the new email. The IT guy at work sent me an email with a picture of our battery backup showing that its not running properly. Now i've noticed that most of the emails i've received with picture attachments have been replaced with that battery backup picture.
    The company purchaser sends me updates for our website for me to fix. The same thing is happening with the website pages she sends me. Several of the emails show the same page, when each email she sends is about a different page.
    Does anyone know why this is happening and how to fix it?

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    welcome aboard..

    emails within the same "thread" ? haven't had that happen to me.
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    Well let's just move this thread to the forum called "iOS and Apps" since it's an iOS question.
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