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    Radio Shack misinformation?
    I'm TERRIBLY sorry if this has already been asked, but I just thought i was set, until I talked to a Radio Shack guy on the phone. I called asking if they're still doing pre-orders for June 24th (because i didn't want to wait in line all night) and he said yes. So he took me through the steps, then asked for my number. I told him my phone is NOT eligible for the upgrade, and my brothers phone is, so i'm using his upgrade to obtain the iphone 4 for $200. And he said thats all fine and dandy, but the iphone will have to be activated on his number, making him switch to the $15 a month data plan. But i can switch the iphone to my number afterwords, making me both for both data plans a month. Is this true? At&t said they can easily to the switch at their store, and mentioned nothing about paying for BOTH data plans. Is Radio shack correct?

    -Thanks in advance

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    You can pre-order the iPhone4 with out changing your old (unlimited) plan.
    But i have no clue about all that switcheroo your doing there.
    Good luck.

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