I have a MobileMe account that I use to sync bookmarks, contacts, and as of today - email.

I'm still using Google Calendar for my calendar though. So far, I haven't found a way to get MobileMe to sync with my Outlook at work.

Anyway, with all the talk of "push" draining your battery I was wondering. If I have a MobileMe account setup and a Google calendar both set to push, would that drain more battery than if I just used one service?

Then I got thinking, this consolidated inbox in OS4 sounds great, but if you have 4 accounts all set to push is that more of a drain than having just one? I would assume so but I don't really understand this so an explanation would be great.

You would think that push would use less battery because it only gets a message from the server when you actually have an email - it isn't checking 50 times a day. Especially for someone like me that receives just a handful of personal mail each day.