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    Looking for iPad sleep timer
    As the title suggests, I am looking for something with the same functionality as the clock on the iPod Touch.

    Here's my scenario... I work 3rd shift and sleep at odd hours and listening to classical music helps me sleep. The iPod Touch is perfect for this! I start the timer and tell it to put the iPod to sleep in one hour and then I start one of the streaming services like Pandora or LastFM. After an hour (which is usually long after the time I have fallen asleep), the timer puts the iPod to sleep and cuts off the wifi connection thereby stopping the audio stream.

    So now I have an iPad. Even though it is too big to slip under my pillow, I would still like to have an app to do the same thing as the iPod where it cuts off the wifi connection after a specified amount of time.


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    Unfortunately, I don't think anything will let you do that since you can't currently multi-task apps on the iPad. The timer app on the iPhone/iPod works like that becaue Apple does let that run while other programs are running.

    Most likely you'll need to wait until iOS4 comes out for the iPad.
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