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    Sharing iPhone Apps
    How do I share apps that I purchased on my iPhone with my wife's iPhone?


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    Not sure about the legality on this..but I will say that all apps/music are linked to a specific Apple ID..I'll leave the rest to your imagination..


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    i read you're allowed to put 1 purchased app on upto 5 devices... Google it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by roeiboot View Post
    i read you're allowed to put 1 purchased app on upto 5 devices... Google it.
    Makes sense when you think about it. Even a song, video, or movie purchased through iTunes can be installed on up to 5 devices.

    If I purchase an app that is formatted for iPad and iPhone (has the + sign), it is intended to be used on multiple devices, but only requires one purchase.
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    Yes, you can share the app across five devices, but all of those devices have to be linked to the same iTunes account.

    So if you want to share with your wife, both of you will have to share the same account on your phones.

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