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    connected display not authorized to play
    i bought a movie from iTunes using my iPad and tried to connect it to my HD 46inch TV and got:

    "The connected display is not authorized to play protected movies"

    a google search came up with some links several years old about the same issue linked to Mac computers

    here is one link for 11/18/2008 that seemed to explain it best:

    No High Definition iTunes Video for You

    Anyone know if this has been fixed and i somehow missed the patch for the iPad? movie rentals on my Apple TV play fine on the same TV.

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    It's not a matter of a patch. It can't be patched.

    Any device that recognizes HDCP playing content protected by HDCP will not play that content on an attached device that does not have HDCP.

    If you purchase a movie in HD that has HDCP protection and play it back from a device - say a B-R player that recognizes HDCP and connect it to a TV that does not have HDCP, it will refuse to play.

    If iTunes has any of their HD content now protected by HDCP, can assure you it was not their choice, it was the studio the material comes from. I would guess this is one of the reasons, along with the smaller resolution iPods, they're providing the SD versions along with the HD.

    My guess (have not read this yet anywhere else), is that the iPad is HDCP compliant and your TV is not. The TV in this case would be the item that needs a "patch".

    When no devices in the chain even recognize the HDCP flag the content contains, typically it will play, but not all the time. I've even kept an HDTV tuner card from a few years ago that does not recognize the flag in case it's implemented in over-the-air broadcast TV to prevent recording.
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    i love a good excuse to buy a new plasma or LED TV.

    Thanks for the clear reply.

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    Did you notice that not only did it not let you play the video you paid for on your external device, but after not letting you play it, the 24 hour countdown began to automatically delete the video from your iPad...this is a joke.

    No wonder so many people download content illegally.

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    Lightbulb Try this fix
    When i get this message, these steps always fix it.
    Wait for the purchase or rental to finish downloading and processing,
    Switch off airplay on all devices, but not the atv,
    Turn off atv,
    Restart the device you have bought and downloaded with,
    Turn on atv,
    Then turn on airplay on the device and play what you bought.

    Hope this helps you.

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