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Thread: Access to iDisk from iPad?

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    Access to iDisk from iPad?
    Since the more expensive version of DocumentsToGo doesn't connect to iDisk (despite that being the reason for the higher price), is there any way to download a copy of files in iDisk to the iPad other than by emailing them to myself?

    I can use the iPhone App called iDisk to read the files, but there doesn't seem any way to save a copy of them. The iWork App and Office2 don't seem to be able to access external files at all.

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    I don't have an iPad, but can you download things with Safari?

    If you can, have you tried logging into your mobileme account? ( from there you should be able to navigate to your online storage and download the files...

    The other issue of course is - if you can download them, how do you find them in the "other" app that you need the doc in?
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    I tried Safari, but no luck.

    However, I managed it with Files2 HD. This allows you to configure a link to MobileMe (and lots of other Cloud options. Worked a treat.

    Alternatively, you can use the Mac - login to MobileMe in Safari, go to iDisk in that, click on the file and then Download to copy the file to the Mac. Then use iTunes, Apps, Shared Files, then choose the App on which you will want to open the file.

    Why they couldn't have one location in the iPad for all such files I don't understand.

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