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    May 30, 2010
    iPad native mail App

    I just got an iPad, and new to the Apple ecosystem.

    I have setup gmail acount, and able to read/retrieve gmails from the native Mail App. PDF attachments are also embedded (ie viewable) as part of the mail reading pleasure.

    However I have a PDP doc (9Mb) as part of a mail attachment. In this mail, I am not able to read the PDF doc at all.

    But if I access the same mail using Gmail, I can read the PDF doc just fine.

    Is there any possible explanation ? I think I must be missing something. Pls advice, rgds.

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    Desperate without broadB this week, i can't get any content sent from my Mac Pro, and it's a bit too unweildly to take to my mate's. Ipad is handy. What's the attachment problem? Saved my CVs to pad as PDFs. Can read. What's wrong? What a barrier. Can't use pad mail, as i do with trusted Mac Mail. Webmail not good. Not fair...!

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