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    How to Develop an iPad App
    I am looking to develop an app for the iPad. There are various things I want in this utility app.
    1. Books (and a bookshelf.)
    2. A Notepad/Journal sort of thing.
    3. Timer.
    4. A way to purchase additional books in-app.

    Those are the features I am currently considering. I have no experience in programming. Is there a book I could get to walk me through it? Or is there an object-based program I could use to do this?


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    That sounds very similar to, if not exactly, like iBooks and Apple doesn't like you to re-create applications that compete DIRECTLY with what they've created. So should you actually create this app, it's unlikely that it'd get approved..

    There is no particular walk-thru but there are lot of books that deal with the different things that go into creating an application for the iPhone OS (that runs on iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad), so that'd be a start.

    First you should learn how to program in Objetive-C, then the Cocoa Touch framework used by iPhone OS to create your application.

    And yes it's object-oriented..


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