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    Hey Guys,

    Well I'll cut right to the chase.

    My MAC laptop died and i am now forced to go to my dell.

    MY ENTIRE ITUNES LIBRARY CONSISTING OF 12000+ songs has been deleted from my MAC since it died.

    So now the only access I have to my library is on my IPOD.

    my IPOD is MAC formatted.

    I need to copy my library from my IPOD to my Dell.

    the program i have been told to use is COPYTRANS4.

    the question I have is:

    can copytrans copy my entire library from my MAC formatted IPOD onto my dell laptop?

    thanks in advance guys. any help/input/recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

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    When you say your Mac died was it the hard drive that died? Have you tried bringing it to Apple or some other computer shop to recover the data? If your computer died for any other reason besides the hard drive then all your data is still there. Also if your problem is just the hard drive dying then replace your hard drive and your Mac will be good.

    I can't answer your iPod to Windows transfer because I haven't done it myself. If you can get the data off your Mac then it's easy enough to manually transfer your music to your Windows machine.

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    a quick look at there website says yes !

    Transfer iPod to computer Copy iPod to iTunes Backup iPod to PC


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