Hi all!!

I have an idea for an app that I think would sell quite well and, while it has the potential to be very intricate and detailed, can originally be quite simple. I personally have ZERO experience in computer programming and realize it would take me forever to learn what is needed to generate an app myself. So Im much more inclined to contract a professional designer.

What is the protocol for hiring an app designer or design company? Do i pay an upfront fee for designing and then the app is mine to market and sell to Apple or is it more standard to split profits with the designer? I understand it is relatively easy to get an app into the App Store, but marketing is key beyond that. Im more concerned about how you find a reliable designer, and how you work with them to create an app and then release it.

Any help would be appreciated. I've been reading a fair amount of stuff on here, and you guys seem pretty helpful, so i thought I'd ask. Thanks!