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    Question Syncing PocketMoney data
    I bought the pocketmoney app for my ipad/iphone, and was wondering how exactly you sync data between the two. I want the iphone to be the quick data entry device, while the ipad being the device I use to analyze everything. I know you can do it because it says right in the app store, but I just can't seem to figure out this syncing feature! Does anyone have experience with this? Thanks.

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    Version 3.1 will let you sync data between your iPhone and iPad. Version 3.1 will also let you sync your data to the upcoming desktop version of PocketMoney.

    What you can do currently with 3.0.4 of PM is:
    1. use the email partner feature in prefs > data transfers to send transactions to your other device,
    2. backup your iPhone database and restore it to your ipad, and if you make changes to the ipad go back the other direction.
    3. use the recent changes option available for uploading QIF files to export recent changes from iphone and the import them into iPad version.

    There are several video tutorials on using options 2 and 3 here:
    PocketMoney Video Tutorials

    And Catamount Users Forums is a better place to post your support questions since I'm more likely to see them there or email me at

    - Hardy

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