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Thread: PicZoo iPhone App w/ Pico Projector

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    PicZoo iPhone App w/ Pico Projector
    PicoZoo Review: I am a new pico projector owner and had to learn the hard way that not all apps work with my projector. 'Video out' hasnít been a priority until now thanks to youz programers Now along comes PicoZoo, which I hope brings attention to the fact that more apps need video out in them. Itís really a no brainer app functionality-wise. All it does is show some free photos of zoo animals that the creator got off the internet. Itís $5 so I donít know how many people have really bought it, that is expensive for any app really. Me however, I bought it just to support the movement to get video out included in more apps. So, while this is a simple overview for a simple app, here it is!

    Here is the start screen:

    Here are a couple shots of what it does:

    Here is the hardware setup. It is my P2 pico projector with my iPhone and adapter (

    For more info on the PicoZoo app all we have found that is official so far is their youtube video.

    Even for pico projector owners it doesnít make much sense to buy the app. But at least this shows that the industry might be headed in the right direction. I guess it doesnít hurt to support them if you have 5 extra bucks you can do without.

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    If you have a JB phone you can run Cydia with their TVOut app which will give you full A/V output functionality across apps. I was hoping Apple would have built this into the new OS/hardware, but I guess we'll just have to wait a bit longer...

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