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    Accessing iPad remotely
    I know this sounds backwards but I am looking to access an iPad from another computer. Here's the deal:

    A client of mine wants to buy his mother an iPad so she can check email and stuff. But he also realizes that she is not at all technical and that she will need some hand holding and technical support from him.

    Is there a way to load something like CrossLoop or TeamViewer on an iPad so that he can connect remotely to the iPad to offer technical assistance?


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    Don't think it would do any good if he could. As this is a totally touch based OS, there is no cursor on the iPad so his mouse would be useless. There would be no way to change screens, change apps, change any settings, etc.

    Sounds like your client has not even touched an iPad yet. Not sure once he sets up her e-mail account what sort of technical support he might envision.
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    As you can see, I have not touched one either! Thanks for the input, I will pass it along.


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