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    Unhappy iPhone onscreen volume control problem
    Hey guys, I've been putting up with a pretty annoying problem on my less than 1 year old iPhone 3gs. It's the iPod mode onscreen volume control bar. The problem seems to be irratic. Whenever I drag the onscreen volume knob to adjust the volume, it just keeps bouncing back by itself. Even when I attempt to hold the volume there by keeping my thumb pressed down it just jerks and stubbornly flies back to the glitched volume. I am pretty sure it's a software problem cause I have the same problem when I set it to landscape mode. However, I may only adjust the volume properly by using the volume buttons on the side of my iPhone. I just hate to know thaty iPhone is glitched!

    Does anyone else have this problem as well? Could it be something to do with the apps I use? I do play games like GTA and Peggle. Another point to note is that when I turn off and on my iPhone, the problem goes away for a whole but then randomly recurs again without fail.

    I've tried restoring my iPhone using iTunes and resyncing using the backed up data but the problem persists... Help!

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    I think that his is a hardware problem, it seems that the cocoa touch doesn't sync very well in certain apps that you have. 1 app should in no way effect another. If you have already restored the iPhone to factory settings then backed the data back up and is still doesn't work then I'd advise going in to Apple to see someone at their Genius bar.

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