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    Itunes or Ipad problem loading TV shows into Video
    With the new Ipad I loaded up the New Itunes (how many upgrades do they need?) and in syncing I just could not get my TV show library to load. Tried different variations then the only one that would load was the "unchecked" one (the one I did not want!). So I unchecked the others to see if it would work and they still did not load... still only the one I did not want. I then checked "select all". This time even the one that had loaded before did not load. A new software problem?

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    I've been having this problem too, and for some reason when I finally got the TV shows in iTunes they went straight to the "Movies" folder. Its just a minor whine from me, but I really want them where they belong in TV shows.
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    Well I loaded up another TV show and that transferred over Okay to the IPAD. But my older shows still do not. It gives the option of how new the show has to be to load (not that anyone is too lazy to check a box instead!) but right now it seems that if you purchased shows over a year back (no matter if you check All instead of by date) your older shows will not load. This seems to be a software problem that for me really needs to be addressed as I spent a lot of money on Itunes for them. My shows are loading as they should under TV shows not Movies so maybe another software problem?

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