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Thread: importing files to the iPad?

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    importing files to the iPad?
    I'll be using iPad's Keynote app a lot, and I have a question:

    Apple today explained on its website that it will be possible to cut and paste images straight from the Safari browser into an open Keynote file, which is great. But they still haven't explained whether it will be possible to import an existing Keynote file from your Mac onto the iPad and then open it in the iPad's Keynote app.

    In order to do that I suppose you would need to be able to connect the iPad via the iPad-connector to USB dongle that Apple is supposed to make available soon.

    But would you even be able to put a file (like a Keynote file) onto the iPad's "desktop" so it could be opened in the corresponding iPad app?


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    Apple - iPad - Powerful presentations at your fingertips.

    Anything else is pure speculation, since no one that's talking has even had their hands on one yet.
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