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    Will Rosetta Stone be able to run on the iPad?
    Hello! My question is, since the iPad does not support flash, would the iPad be able to run Rosetta Stone Language Learning software? I looked on the Rosetta Stone website and it doesn't say that flash is a requirement, however it does say Mac OS 10 is a requirement. Since Mac OS 10 runs flash I'm assuming the iPad won't be able to run the Rosetta Stone also considering, the iPod Touch can't run the Rosetta Stone. Being the iPad is basically a bigger iPod Touch I'm assuming the answer to my question is NO.

    Does anybody have another answer?

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    We won't know much till the iPad is released. Then it would be up to Rosetta Stone to make an App to run on the iPad.

    Sorry I can't tell you more. One thing though, OSX Applications will not run on the iPad, iPhone. Only Apps made for those devices will run. If the iPad catches on I am sure RS will make an app for it.

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    Nope, not until they put out an app that will run on the iPad OS.

    That could become another lucrative market for Rosetta Stone though.

    There have been a lot of discussions about this since the iPhone and iPod touch hit the market and nothing from Rosetta yet.
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    The iPad was made for Rosetta Stone.
    I've been running Rosetta Stone on my Windows 7 based HP2730p tablet PC and just love the way Rosetta Stone works on it. Mooching on the couch with it in my lap as I learn Japanese, tapping away at the screen without any need of a keyboard.

    I can't imagine a better app for the iPad and think it would work really well on the iPhone or Android based device too.

    One big gotcha though. Rosetta Stone relies heavily on Adobe technology for even the offline version so the chance of it ever appearing on the iPad seem to be very slim (for now at least).

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    I know that this is the least helpful post but, if Rosetta Stone came out for iPad I would find the money to have it in my life!

    This really does need to happen.

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    Im using iTeleport to stream Rosetta Stone to my iPad. It doesn't support audio at the moment so I've rerouted the audio internally using Soundflower to Skype, so then I use my iPhone to Skype myself... works awesome when I have a good internet connection.

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    At some point I would imagine the makers of Rosetta Stone will make a native iPad app in which they will use some other delivery mechanism other than Flash.

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