I recently purchased Plants vs. Zombies (which is very cool by the way) and I would like to sync the app into my iTunes. When I go to the applications tab in iTunes, it offers me to sync the apps, but it only copies the apps from iTunes to the iPod. Is there a way to do the opposite? I want to bring my apps downloaded on my iPod into iTunes.

Also, there is a bigger problem: for several years I've used another computer to manage my iTunes, and I recently bought a new laptop, and a new iPod. On my old iPod I had purchased a few apps on the iPod itself, and they are somehow saved on the iTunes on my old computer. But I'm no longer using the old computer for iTunes. I want to also sync those apps from the old iPod to my new iTunes, so I won't have to purchase them again. I have signed in with my account and everything on both computers, but I don't see a way to share the apps.

I am using Windows XP SP3 by the way.

Thanks in advance for any help.