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    Apps that really have revolutionised the way you operate...
    I was thinking before about the apps I have. I currently have over 500 apps in iTunes, from TomTom sat nav to silly things like iFace Swap which messes about with pictures.

    Very few of these apps have actually revolutionised the way I operate of the way I use my phone. Eg sat nav is nice to have but of no real use since I have a standalone.

    However, there are one or two;

    - Hullomail (.com)

    I discovered this yesterday on recommendation of a fellow PHer. Love the fact voicemails are now delivered as email; quite often people leave me details of orders etc. Handy to just hit the fwd button and send it over to another member of the team or to share voicemails/back them up on the server.

    - Facebook

    Like it or hate it, this app has made keeping in contact with friends much easier. Group messages meeting up for drinks, etc etc. Push notification on the newest update simply adds to this.

    - National Rail

    As you can imagine, very handy for checking train times on the move, or last trains to my home station if I am out. Makes planning much easier.


    Does what it says on the tin, I used to spend a lot of money calling the 118 xxx numbers. No need now.

    - Sky Sports Score Centre

    Not so much revolutionary as brilliant for keeping track of football with it's live feed.

    - TV Plus

    Ever been told that there is a great documentary on or something on TV that really interests you but you forget and kick yourself? Log on and record directly to your sky box.

    - Urbanspoon

    I no longer eat at the same old places.

    - Traffic UK

    No more expensive calls as per 118 above.

    - Tube Map

    As one who doesnt visit London all that often, when I do it is nice to put starting station and destination into it and be told exactly where i need to go and which line/train i need to catch.

    - Worldmate Gold

    Forward your travel confirmation emails onto them and they construct your itinerary and it appears in your app. Brilliant.

    - Cards

    I want to order something on the internet but dont have my wallet with me. I have all card details securely stored.

    If I were to lose the above apps, then things would get more complicated so in a way they have really made my life more efficient.

    Over to you...
    2009 Macbook Pro 2.53Ghz / 8GB Ram / 500GB HDD :dive: RIP Macbook Black!

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    Looking forward to see how this thread progresses - i get my 3gs in a couple of weeks and have already started grabbing my aps. Ive read loads of app threads, its great to see how each app actually adds value and improves how you do things rarther than just loads of app names, some of which i havent got a clue what they do.

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    I agree that the use of the Iphone really changes your life if you use it allot

    I'm just a beginning Iphoner but apps that I use most are:

    - Larousse

    This is probably unknown to most of you, it's a well known french dictionnary now available as an Iphone app, and it's cheap too, somewhere around 5 dollars.I study in French, what a timesaving app. It's crazy, when I study have a dictionnary defenition in a couple of seconds

    - SoundHound

    Whenever I hear some song in the car I just open this app and I know the title right away, nice..

    - Cram

    Just took this app a couple of days ago, you can do flashcards and multiple choice questions, nice app to help you study

    - Pillbox

    If you're sick, or if you have some condition or whatever and you have to take medication regularly, push on some icons and you'll never forget if you allready took your medication or not, it's easy no pen and paper, just a few clicks

    Well there are more and more options I use but I could write a veeery long post about this, Iphone really changes your life, organisation and so on has never been so easy

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    I don't think there is any one App that has revolutionized my life, but the use of MobileMe and iCal/Address Book/Mail syncing across my desktop, laptop and iPhone has revolutionized my organization. It's nice to know if I add an appointment or contact it will be available to me anywhere.

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    Take notes on your Touch/iPhone and sync them on your Macbook/PC. Not quite the OneNote replacement, but darned close.


    Hasn't changed my life, I was keeping passwords on my Palm TX before this, but it is essential in this passsword-logon intensive age.


    I used MyBible (same vendor--Laridian) on my Palm, nice to have the same functionality and books on my Touch without having to buy them all again.


    Straightforward list app. I use it for groceries and other stuff as well. One of the reasons I pull my Touch out of my pocket on a regular basis.

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    I guess ill add to the list..

    1 - Remote
    2 - iDisk
    3 - Facebook
    4 - ESPN SportsCenter (my crack)

    and of course, like every business owner. We work from our phones.

    UPS Tracking, FedEx, Conference, Break-Even etc..

    the iphone has changed the way I do business in so many levels. I think just the basic features of the iPhone alone are worth giving props to.

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    Thought id come back and add my thoughts following a couple of weeks of iphoning...

    ShopShop - I love it it's so simple but really helpful - love the way it saves all items from my previous shopping lists for quick and easy adding to my next list. I even remembered to pick up beer last week.

    Nav4All - this free (but clunky) Satnav was ideal until i got an email last week saying it was now going offline as they have lost their data licence (some comptitive tactics from Nokia i think)

    Sky+ (UK) I can check channel listings and record from distance - I didnt realise I could still use this app even tho i dont have my sky connected to a landline at home - they must have changed that 'rule'

    TouchMouse - basically my iphone becomes a remote mouse for my MBP - great for when I finally get it rigged up to the TV

    Not life changing but making up for something I assumed the Iphone would give me as standard: FStream allows me to listen to BBC radio - this site is helpful for setting up: BBC Radio iPhone Streams

    I think GTA will be a life changer for me when I purchase it in the next couple of weeks - the PS3 version certainly was.

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    WhatsApp (amazing as my girlfriend is living in Germany)
    Skype (...see above )
    Facebook (works really well and with push you never really have to check)

    I also really like Peggle, mBox Mail,, Awesome Note and [of course] DoodleJump...

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