So a friend shot me an invite to check out the new iPhone app called "Whatsapp" (clever name. Too bad I'm not clever enough to understand how it works) and the premise behind it seems great. Free SMS from iPhone to iPhone anywhere in the world practically...

I usually use Nimbuzz or Fring to communicate for free with other people who have IM services at home or on their iPhones, but this solution seems more elegant (for iPhone users) since you don't need a password, or to log on to anything etc..

In order to activate the service, you have to enter a 3 digit pin which they send to your iPhone via SMS, just for confirmation. I now live in Hungary (Budapest) and was able to find the country code prefix from the drop down list they supply for different countries, so that part is fine.

It then says to enter your phone number withOUT the country code. (06 is Budapest's country code) but then put in your number. I subscribe to Vodafone and their code is '70' so that prefix must be in the number as well.

I put in the number, and was given the three digit confirmation pin # and all went well up to that point. Now here's where I think something might be amis:

My iPhone is Jailbroken. I'm wondering if another app is interfering with one of the iPhone's API's which is preventing Whatsapp from doing anything ? When I go into settings, and try to turn on 'Status change notify', I get an message saying : "Sorry, there was a problem registering your handset with Push notification service". And yes, my push notification settings are all turned on. And yes, I have plenty of data left for my monthly quota.

Also, when I try and tell a friend about the app via SMS within the app, it starts to send, and then times out. I get an exclamation mark and a message saying message not sent, with the option to try again. but no matter how many times I try, it fails.

My iPhone is still on version 3.0, jailbroken and unlocked. I believe that push works just fine for all other apps, but I haven't tested it in a bit because I use backgrounder for my IM services.

Anybody have some insight on this issue ?