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    Itunes media folder
    I recently put my itunes library on the time capsule and changed the media folder location to the time capsule. It plays the music fine but every time I reboot my computer and open itunes it resets the location back to my main mac HD even if I delete it. How can I get itunes to keep the new location of my music folder with out reseting it every time I reboot?



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    Hi, welcome to the forums!

    You need to automatically mount the TC folder at login.

    1) Mount the TC share as you normally would
    2) Open SystemPreferences->Accounts->Login Items
    3) Click the '+' icon at the bottom
    4) Select the TC share and click Add.

    Now when you boot your machine it should auto mount your TC share. This way, iTunes can resolve the media folder on startup and won't resort to using your local directory when he can't find the folder you have assigned.

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