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    Since upgrading to iTunes 9, I can't use the iTunes store any more. It now says I need to have Safari 4. Problem is that I can't install Safari 4 unless I install a Tiger update. Last time I did that, my Mac crashed and I had to go back to a previous state. I can't install Leopard or higher because my Mac is too old.

    On my Vista laptop, I can shop the iTunes store with Firefox no problem, but the Mac version of Firefox goes berserk when I try to open the iTunes store site. It just keeps opening tabs (or windows if I have that option selected.)

    Is there a way around this? What about downgrading to iTunes 8? I can't believe that Apple forces you to use only Safari on a Mac, but on a PC you can use IE or Firefox if you want to.

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    They aren't forcing you to use Safari as you should have no problems using Firefox with iTunes on your Mac. As for the Safari update, AFAIK, the new iTunes store requires the version of WebKit that ships with Safari 4 so you can't use the store unless the required version of Safari is installed.

    What do you mean when you say "the Mac version of Firefox goes berserk when I try to open the iTunes store site"?
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    Was I unclear?
    What did you not understand in my first post? I know that I have to have Safari 4 installed to use the iTunes store, but I can't do that. That was the point of my posting. And I explained that when I use Firefox on my Mac, when I go to the iTunes Store, Firefox hangs up by constantly opening tab after tab after tab. Firefox on my Mac is fine for other web browsing and only does this when I go to the iTunes store. If I use my laptop, which runs Windows Vista, I can go to the iTunes store using Firefox with no problems. So it seems that Mac+Firefox+iTunes store is the problem area.

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