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    Unhappy plugged iPod into a different computer to charge it and since then it hasn't worked
    I hope I'm posting this in the correct area.

    I have a 2nd generation ipod nano which I bought at the end of 2006. It has always worked perfectly, no problems at all. But a few weeks ago I plugged it into a different computer to charge it and since then it hasn't worked.

    The computer was quite an old PC - not ancient but definitely a good 5 years old. It didn't have itunes I don't think. When I connected my ipod, it suddenly changed from the colour display that I was used to, to an oldschool black-and-white display "Do Not Disconnect" message while it charged. When I unplugged my ipod from charging, I got the message "Use iTunues to restore" (in English, french, german and japanese). This is all that comes up on my screen now.

    I have tried to restore my ipod using itunes. When i connect my ipod to a computer with itunes it is not recognised - I get the message "iTunes has detected an iPod in recovery mode. You must restore this ipod before it can be used with itunes". I then press OK, and restore, agreeing that everything will be lost. It "restores", and i'm told it's resetting. But then at the last second the ipod disconnects from the computer, reconnects, and i get the "ipod in recovery mode" message again as though I haven't done anything. I can go round and round in circles like this with no change.

    Yesteday I tried the same thing on a friend's mac and he got a message saying that my ipod was "busy" which was why it couldn't be restored.

    It would be amazing if anyone has any idea as to what I should do about this. I'm really sad that my ipod isn't working anymore!

    Thanks so so much.

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    If you are repeatedly being asked to restore, your iPod's drive letter may need to be reassigned. To do this, follow the steps provided in the Apple support document below and see if that helps.


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