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    don't understand this syncing issue
    I use Safari on both my iMac and my iPhone, I keep a matching list of Favorites on both, When syncing it usually keeps them the same.

    A few days ago I added a favorite on my iMac, it was just a forum thread that I wanted to keep there temporarily. I synced my iPhone and that favorite was added to it, but I didn't want it there so I deleted it off the iPhone.

    Again tonight I synced my iPhone and I remembered that temp Favorite was there so I went into Safari to delete it and it was not there. Surprised, I checked Safari on my iMac and it wasn't there either!

    Why did it delete itself off of the iMac after I synced today?


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    you might want to check your sync settings. if you delete something off of the iPhone, the next time you sync it will delete from your imac so i matches the iphone.

    i have mine set to notify of changes so i can prevent that from happening

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    The only setting I see is to Sync Safari Bookmarks, I have the option enabled.

    Why did the first sync make the favorites match the iMac, but then the second make the favorites match the iPhone?

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