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    App for editing MobileMe docs on iPhone
    I'm sure my question has been answered on this forum more than once, but I guess I didn't use the correct search criteria to find the posts. As you understand, I was able to edit my Smartphone Office docs directly on my phone and sync back to my laptop. I understand I can get an app for editing the Office and iWorks docs my iPhone docs similarly. Which program(s) would work and which do you suggest? Thx, Betty

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    Thanks, Julia. I've figured out that Documents to Go and QuickOffice are the leading competitors in this field. I'm lost in the discussion of how the programs are synced back and forth. Do they use MobileMe at all? Some of the reviews I've read left me thinking I must be in a WiFi area to synch, but that's not likely. I'm thinking they sync via e-mail (and not MobileMe at all) and that Docs to Go uses it's own browser. Would someone clarify all that for me. I.e., do semi-baby talk since I'm such a new Mac and iPhone user. Which program do you like best?

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    Docs to go will open and store documents attached to email that you receive. You can also sync via wifi with a special purpose folder it can put on your desktop. One drawback to the desktop sync is it only uses Apple Bonjour service to sync -- at my work the firewall blocks that so I can't use the desktop sync feature.

    Easy enough to get things via email. The app works great on the iPhone and is easy to actually edit Word, Excel, etc.

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