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    new user questions re: ipod app
    just got an iphone 3gs and trying to figure some stuff out on the best way to manage music.
    -can you transfer songs over one by one, or do you have to do it by putting together a playlist?
    -once you've transferred songs over is there a way to know how many songs are on the iphone? if so, how?
    -is there a way to delete songs on the phone itself? or do you do it in itunes? how do you do it?
    -is there a way to hunt for dupblicate songs on the iphone or in iphone, and delete them from the phone?
    any answers appreciated!

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    late 08 macbook 2.0 4gig 320hdd10.7.3 32 gig iPhone 4s can set iTunes to only sync checked songs or all songs or just a select play list.

    2.Settngs / general / about.

    3. In iTunes - right click delete.

    4 from iTunes file / show dups

    Hope this helps

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