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    Iphone Screen and Texts
    Okay before I start, I bought my iphone off of Kijiji from a person who bought one but got one from work for free so I got it for the same price as a 3 yr contract and just swapped cards.

    okay I've had it for about 6 months now.

    about a few times a day my phone pretty well stops doing anything. I can't call out, or receive calls and I can't send or receive texts. I don't usually find out until somebody contacts me somehow saying my phone is messed up because it goes straight to my voicemail. again this happens daily..

    now, my battery is full and sometimes I try to turn the screen on and it wont turn on, I have to wait a few minutes and try again and it will turn on..

    sometimes I have to turn the phone on again, not sure if it's the battery but it's full or not even close to dying.

    In order for me to get my phone working again I have to reboot my phone by holding power and home and then it is able to send calls and sms.

    this is very frustrating any other help anyone can offer? not sure I can go to apple because I bought it off somebody. lol

    thanks alot!

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    What version of the iPhone OS is on this? With the latest 3.1.2 release of iPhone OS one of the things that was fixed was waking up from sleep, which might be affecting your phone..


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    I will check asap when I get home from work.

    checking my settings is 3.1

    so maybe there is an update for me

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