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    Unhappy Question on a Syncing iPod Touch
    Hello Guys

    I am new here and a little desperate to find a solution on my dilemma. I have an iTouch and I have so many applications there that I actually bought... Now, I have switched my laptop from HP to MacPro.... I am now afraid that if I sync my iTouch to my new laptop it will remove everything... is there anyway that the content of my iTouch will be spared?

    I would really appreciate if someone can assist me on this.. ;(


    btw, if I am in the wrong thread please do let me know...Ü

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    Just start iTunes, without the iTouch, and uncheck the "automaticly synchronize" box or whatever it says.

    That done it's safe to hook it up, about the apps, I don't know, but as long as you don't set iTunes to sync from an empty apps folder you'll be fine.

    And yes, you're in the wrong thread, but no worries.... it will be moved
    Just take the time to read the stickies on the hows and whats next time, saves the mods alot of work

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