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turbo8765 10-03-2009 08:33 AM

Persistent Library ID Hack in iTunes 9
Does this hack work in iTunes 9? I have exhausted my attempts and can't get it to work.

I'm trying to use my iPod to keep my music library sync'ed on two computers.

One computer is a macbook pro and the other a vista PC.

bobtomay 10-03-2009 09:00 AM

Why not just use the built in Home Sharing in iTunes 9 instead of a hack?

With Home Sharing, one of the options is to see only the items that are different between the 2 systems where you can then just drag and drop between them. I have it set up between 2 Mac's an XP and a Win7 machine.

turbo8765 10-03-2009 09:35 AM

Does this work for songs not purchased from the iTunes store? I read a review which indicated it did not. I haven't tried it yet myself, but will give it a shot.

I am still curious if the hack works.

bobtomay 10-03-2009 09:43 AM

I'm having it show all media differences between machines. Only my Win7 machine has all iTunes media and that is backed up to an HP MediaCenter server.

Each of the others then just pull over the items each user wants on their machine. Have not had an issue with it yet including all the music I ripped from my own CDs, audible books, etc. You might note, I do not have any, what you might call illegal content, so whatever format any of that may be in, I will not have tried.

turbo8765 10-03-2009 03:22 PM

How do you go about having it show differences only?

When I bring up the PC library on the macbook, I see the entire PC library and everything is checked. That would seem to mean that I have to actually visually search for differences. Even worse, do I have to uncheck hundreds of albums in order to transfer a single album?

Does home sharing allow for the sync'ing of play counts, ratings etc??

bobtomay 10-03-2009 06:11 PM

Underneath the list, change the box 'Show' from 'All items' to 'Items not in my library'.

Also take a look at the 'Settings' option down there.
Checked and unchecked items have no meaning here except to see what that user has checked.
Transfer is done by highlighting what you want to move, and then using drag and drop or the 'Import' button at the bottom.

I don't really use playlists all that much, nor keep track of times played or ratings.
I know what I like that's in my library. Don't need something telling me what I like based on number of times played, particularly if shuffle is ever used. The stuff that would be 1 star rated - it gets deleted. I don't have the need to keep junk I don't like or ever want to hear coming from my own machine just because I have it.

turbo8765 10-05-2009 07:35 PM

I tried out home sharing, and it is ok. It does not allow for the synchronization of meta data or transfer of playlists. It will allow me to maintain the same tracks on two computers.

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