hey, i have had massive problems with my ipod touch 1g 16gb, it started to get recognised as an iphone then i get all these errors and it doesnt turn on or anything, i think its stuck in dfu. (ye ive tried to restore in dfu and it gives me error 1). any way i have managed to find a way to get it working a little bit. i leave it for two or three days and let the battery empty. i then plug it in and if on the screen it comes up with a picture of the battery that means it was empty, and if it wasnt empty itunes opens up straight away and says that its found an ipod in recovery, but i can never restore i get error 1619 or 1 or 2001 and alot more. however when the ipod is completely empty and the battery sign comes up itunes stays closed. then after 1-2 minutes the ipod goes to the screen with itunes an the plug and itunes opens. the first time i tried this the ipod actually appeard up on itunes (but on the first time i tried it my ipod screen went black after itunes opened and after the itunes symble came up on the ipod) and it said everything about it and i had all the info, i just clicked restore and it downloaded 2.2.1 and tried restoring to it but then it gave me error 1600. i then tried this the second time, about 3 days later and when i had the itunes symble on the ipod itunes automatically opened. (the ipod did not go black after this it stayed on the itunes screen)this time i could not see all the info and it said the ipod is in recovery and needs to be restored. i held option+restore and selecteed the 2.2.1 firmware. this time it actually started to restore it then it was at the finishing step where it says "restarting ipod, your ipod should apper in the itunes tab once it restarts, do not unplug). then the ipod goes black, just like it was before i plugged it in, and it gets recognised by itunes as an iphone again in recovery.
Please i need help. if you want more info on the errors that used to come up please go to-http://www.mac-forums.com/forums/ipod-hardware-accessories/166883-please-help-me-anyone.html
and if you need me to clarify anything please ask. thanks in advance.