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    want to switch to iphone ....
    hi folks,

    I just switched to a mac 2 months back.....

    I've been using blackberry and i find it quite ok for my use.

    Of late, i've been wanting to switch to an iphone but having doubts about a couple of things :-

    1. If i sync my contacts / notes using iTunes, can i set it up to sync 1 way only i.e from my mac to iphone. I've tried to search but haven't come up with any answer to this. My kid will most certainly be playing with the phone so i dont want any unwanted amendments / deletions to my phone affect my master data records.

    2. Is Mobile Me the only way to get push email on iphone?

    3. BCC - when using a blackberry i bcc all outgoing messages to self - but have set it up so that my blackberry does not get back my outbound mails - they only turn up on my mac. Can such a thing be done on iphone?

    4. I travel a lot - blackberry plans for roaming seem to be quite competitive and they control the amount of data that is downloaded per email so the data bill is not so high. Are iphone data plans equally competitive..?

    5. Using a blackberry i can switch to another language with just 1 keypress. Can that be done on an iphone?

    I'm neither trying to draw up any comparison . ... nor trying to make an iphone work like a blackberry. i love the iphone the way it is. Just need to understand how things work when it comes to a few points that matter to me.


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    anybody can help please...?

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    I was hoping someone else would respond, but I'll take a crack at this.

    1. You cannot specifically set the sync to happen in one direction. I sync my contacts with Gmail, and when I add new contacts and then plug in my iPhone, I get a pop-up showing what's going to happen during the sync. I usually don't modify contacts on the iPhone, so not sure what happens in that direction.

    2. No Mobile Me is not needed for push email. You can get push email from exchange servers and recently with Gmail aswell.

    3. I'm not exactly certain, I'll have to poke around on my iPhone and get back to you.

    4. AT&T has a single data plan for iPhone, it'll run you $30/month for unlimited data as long as you are on the AT&T network. Once you start roaming, all bets are off. You're best source for exactly how bad this can get is to call AT&T and talk to them directly.

    5. It's not difficult to switch language, but it isn't a single keypress, you'd have to go to Settings and Languages or not too hard/confusing either..


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