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    external drive w/music failing, have back-up drive
    My external drive, with all my music and photos is failing. Sometimes it works, but more often than not, it doesn't. This affects any music I try to play as sometimes the drive shows up and sometimes it doesn't. When it does, it freezes. I also can't view my pictures. I have a mybook. The drive turns on, but doesn't show up on the desktop. I also have a mybook as my back up drive.

    I want iTunes to get the music from the back up drive. How do I do that? Would I need to transfer all my music back into iTunes and then reassign it the back up drive? Am I making any sense?

    If that is the way, how do I get the music from the back-up drive into the hard drive?

    OR, is there a setting in iTunes I can change so that it automatically looks for the music from the back-up drive when I plug it in? Thanks for any help.

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    Sep 26, 2009
    Do I have to "locate this file" for each song individually? That would be insane!

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    Similar problem
    I am having a similar problem... except I've already been backing up my itunes to an external drive which is usually my "F" drive but I inserted a flash drive and it read it as F and now my external drive is reading as G drive... 1/2 my music works on F, 1/2 on G... anyone have any idea how to fix this? THX.

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