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    iPod no longer working on mac
    My iPod has suddenly stopped working when connected to my mac & iTunes. It works when not connected to my mac, but when I connect it, iTunes doesn't recognise it. It still shows up on the desktop though. I've tried it on 2 macs, my work mac and my home mac, and it's happened on both.

    I've got 4000+ songs on it, and don't want to have to go through the hassle of putting all my music back on to it, if I can help it. I can't even back it up.

    Does anyone know if there's anything I can do? All my software is up to date (iTunes and iPod).

    It just stopped working one day half way through a song! Very frustrating

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    Have you reset the iPod itself?
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    yer, ok,
    you could,
    plug it in, then hold the 2 reset keys (i dont quite remember the buttons but i think they are either: centre button & menu OR centre button & play)
    HOLD them untill the ipod reboots with the connect to itunes symbol
    (this may require a number of reboots in immediate secession)

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    cheers Zigdog, that's done the trick!

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