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    iPhone 3.1
    Hey guys and gals,

    I got a small kinda inconvient problem with my iPhone every now and then it just randomly shuts off. Battery is good and everything, and when I turn it back on everything seems normal. At first I thought it was cause it was in my pocket and i put it up there with the top button down so I thought it was the button being pressed and then when I pulled the iPhone out of my pocket it would slide to turn off, I got a case for it that kinda covers up that button a little bit its an iFrogz case but it happend once more when it was sitting on top of my shelf, I did a restore on it, but it happend to me again today.
    any cause for alarm? or should i just ignore it?

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    If it is turning off by its self then yea I would be a little worried and would take it in.

    My 3GS has never turned off on its own. Heck, I think I have only turned it off once or twice since I've had it. Other than that it is always on stand by.

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    my wife's iPhone 3G has done that off and on for months . . . I rebooted, restored, etc., with no fix. Finally took it into the Apple Store 'cause the 1 yr warranty only has a couple months left.

    They verified no water damage, and immediately replaced the phone with no further testing. My guess is there is some known firmware/hardware issue with the 3G's so they just replace it.

    If you are under warranty, I'd definitely check it out. If out of warranty, I'd still go have a chat at the Apple Store -- if this is a known issue they might still replace either free or cheap.

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