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    Import Flash to iPod or iPhone?
    I need to put my Flashs to my iPod or iPhone. So I can enjoy them on my trip. And the flash is in .swf format. I don't know how to do it? Any suggestion??
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    Not sure if it will work, but I have used Handbrake v0.9.3 too convert .flv to .m4v format and it works about 75% of the time. I have successfully added them to iTunes and viewed them on my iPhone 3G.
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    I've used HB to convert tons of movies and they all work on my iPhone 3G just fine. Make sure you use the correct settings.

    As for Flash, good luck. It's one of things most people still want on the iPhone that Apple has yet to implement. In short, you can't do it.

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    I beliece it can be done but until the iphone supports flash video it will be a rather convoluted process. Take this with a grain of salt because I am trying to solve the same problem.
    What I think we are going to have to do is aquire a third party program that can convert the flash video into quicktime. Once you get that far I belive that you can use imove to put the finishing touches on your videos and import time to itunes.

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