Need to migrate from old paper address book, because paper has finally fallen apart in both wife's pocket address book and our house kitchen address book.

Itouch seems the right way to go but I/m not sure and need some advice.

Don't use games, some use for itunes and perhaps email.

Want to use google gmail, contacts, and calendar but will settle for apple mail, address book and ical if absolutely necessary.

Our google calendar is synced between my wife and myself and works great, can we do the same with our mac or google address book on itouch?

Can I use the itouch when out of wireless range with either the google or apple package?

It feels like overkill to purchase a $200-$400 devise mainly for our address book and calendar needs but there apparently ain't any any software out there anymore to format and print our contacts from gmail or mail, onto page ready hard copy, so we can punch it into a binder. Ahhh technology. And i do like the idea of updating 3 address books and calendars at once (combined wife purse-kitchen itouch, my mac and her mac) which I hope this system will do.

Apparently the new $300 32gig itouch has a upgraded wireless chip (not yet in use by apple) as well as a faster operating system. Is it worth the additional $100 to avoid premature device extinction?

Suggestions most appreciated.