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    Nov 01, 2008
    touch update 3.0 to 3.1
    Hey people whats up?? .. i wanted to know if i can update my touch 3.0 to the firmware 3.1 but in another mac, cause right now i'm traveling and i don't have my MBP with me, is anybody sure that it wont delete my music or should i just wait till i get home to update it??


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    Without risking your data, I would just wait till you get home to do the update. Just to be on the safe side..


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    There is nothing important enough in the update that makes it necessary before you get home.
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    ok thanks!! i just wanted to update for the upgrade of the genius to the app store, but i guess its better to just wait then..

    thanks Raz0rEdge and bobtomay for your replies

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