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Thread: Anti-Virus iphone 3gs message?

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    Anti-Virus iphone 3gs message?
    I recently got a pop up message on my iphone 3gs that recommended that i scan for virus' now. i was surfing online with safari at the time on 3g. i assume it was a pop up wanting to sell me an anti virus program like happens on most computers but i've never received one on iphone. am i right? or should i get an antivirus program for the phone? i immediately clicked no and stopped loading the page and went backward and then exited. phone seems fine. uploaded pics to mac and seems fine. updated ok. so no problems yet. ideas?

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    I would say this was simply a pop-up ad from the website you were surfing.

    There is no need for an anti virus for the iPhone, I don't even thing they make one do they? Imagine your battery life if you had something like that zapping the hard drive every day or so

    OS X by nature is more resilient to most viruses as most are written for Windows-based computers, while there are some reported viruses that affect Windows-based smart phones I have yet to hear of one for the iPhone, I'm sure if/when one arises Apple will address it promptly.

    So in a nutshell I would dismiss this pop up as simple, annoying advertising & carry on using your iPhone as you do

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