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    Use an iPhone as a Secondary Display?
    Hello everyone!
    First of all, excuse my bad english, (i'm Spanish) I'll do my best to explain my question correctlly, (hope you'll understand)

    Nowadays i was looking for a tiny (7" or so) Secondary Display to use with my mac.
    It was thought to be used as a screen to put my iTunes while i'm using any other software in the mainscreen, to put photoshop palettes for example, or Adium or whatever.

    I found some interesting solutions like mimo 720-s.
    This is a 7" usb touchscreen...
    Ok that's really cool but... Why not using my little iPhone?

    So there is my question:
    ┐Anybody knows how i could use my iPhone as a Secondary Display?
    ┐Mocha VNC does that?

    Using a 24" iMac i dont need another huge screen to put all the "other things" so i thought using a tiny screen would be a cool idea.
    Any solution?

    Thanks in advance!

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    I really dont think that is possible yet..

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    I'm sure i've seen this or something similar done. Browse around YouTube and you might find something. I think I saw something about showing at least your desktop on the screen but that's not a secondary display!

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    If your intent is to control iTunes, then download Apple's 'Remote'. You need the Mac and the iPhone connected to a network. You will have to have iTunes running on your Mac of course, but you and hide it in the Dock.

    There are other remote apps like Remote that handle many more applications.

    The issue with VNC, is that it doesn't act as a separate screen. Instead, it echos the screen it is connecting to.
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