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    Problems transferring MP4s to nephew's iPod
    I'm having trouble transferring a couple of MP4 movies to my nephew's Ipod Nano. I converted them using HandBrake, they are currently in my iTunes "Movie" folder and I changed to "Manually manage music and videos" in the "Options" part of the summary tab for his iPod. Probably something really simple that I'm failing to do.

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    HELP! He leaves tomorrow back home to Canada and I still can't transfer the MP4's to his iPod!

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    That iPod can't play video, so it won't sync them in iTunes. If you want to give him the files to play on his computer though, you could check off "Enable Disk Mode" and then put the files onto his iPod in the finder.

    Keep in mind, he won't be able to play the movies on the iPod in any way, he will however be able to load them onto his home computer and watch them.
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