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    iPhone and MS Exchange...
    Just got an iPhone 3GS in at work to test the capability of this compared to our current fleet of Blackberries. After a week I still can't figure it out.
    I have a fully working Exchange 2003 server with the latest service packs and patches. All our Windows, Macs and Blackberries work fine with this server, but when I connect the iPhone to our wireless network and give the exact same details as my Mac, it says something about certificate not trusted, then server can't be found, and simply won't work. I've read a few forums about (lots of) other people with similar issues and no-one seems to have a definitive answer on how to do this properly.
    Anyone care to give it a stab?
    Why does the iPhone have such p1ss poor Exchange integration?
    FWIW I can open Safari and navigate to the URL of my Exchange server and use webmail ok, but I need something a lot closer to BB experience.

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    This is a good place to start. Apple - iPhone in Business - Integration

    For it to work from the Internet you need to put an ISA server in place so that it can hand off to the front server. You'll also need to generate a certificate. Either from Verisign or from your Internal COA. A front end will need to be setup as well so you can handoff from the ISA Server > Front End > Exchange Server. There is supposed to be better intergration for Exchange 2007.

    I've read that there is also a way to get the iPhone working with a Blackberry server. I don't have those details.

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