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    Dock for Ipod
    Hi folks - new to the forum.

    I have an older Nano Ipod 2gb and I am wanting to hook it up to my home stereo. I was told I need a dock. What type of dock should I get and also what other cord(s) will I need?

    I have seen some docks that are not from Apple but are quite a bit cheaper. For example:

    Dock Cradle Charger For iPod Touch 1st Nano 3rd 2nd Gen on (item 180399631617 end time 21-Sep-09 18:34:47 EDT)

    Please let me know - thanks!

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    That one that you listed does not say that it has additional connections available to hook to your system. It appears to be USB only. You are going to need to find something that has a line out in addition to the USB connection. I personally stay away from the off brands like that, and go with OEM stuff. I know the Apple dock may be a little pricey, but it has never failed me and will do everything needed.

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