I have an old iPod mini 4gig laying around, hasn't been used in years. I just installed iTunes to a relatively new laptop running XP. I plug in the iPod and sure enough Windows sees it, I can browse through the directory structure of the iPod, and iTunes sees it. I have the device listed by name in the sources section on the left.

ITunes also tells me there's an update to my iPod software and I proceed. I don't know what the old version was, but it's been sitting for several years. Anyway I'm instructed to plug it into a power source, and I do and looks like something is happening. A meter progresses and then it looks like the update is done. Now I have version 1.4.1 (along with for iTunes).

When I plug back into my computer I can still browse the iPod in Windows (I get a E drive and it's in device mgr) but iTunes sees nothing. No devices pop up, in fact there is no source list. The iPod itself just says "Do no disconnect."

I thought maybe it was just updating something, however I left it sitting for 9 hours now, I don't think it's updating a thing.

Any ideas?