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    Iphone and Rollover Minutes
    I have the 1400 minute family plan (2 lines) with our iphones. My question is that in a few months if we notice that 1400 minute plan is too many minutes for us and we have accumulated our unused minutes each month as rollover and we decide to downgrade our family plan to the 700 minute plan, do we loose the rollover minutes that we would have accumulated on the 1400 minute plan?


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    from my understanding rollover minutes are yours for 12 months

    Wife and I have 700. We've been over 5,000 rollover minutes for a year plus.
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    only 6 months. You keep rollover minutes for only 6 months

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    thanks for your replies

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    you may want to double check with att. we were in a similar situation and at the time (dec 2008), it was 12 months. however, the retail store authority could only xfer over a certain amt of minutes. we had to get someone in the back office to credit the other minutes. i also suggest you hardcopy your account minutes before proceeding to make the change.

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    I just went throught this with the same plan. You keep your rollover minutes for 12 months but you don't accumulate any the first month. After 12 months the rollover minutes from the second month are lost. If you downgrade plans you and have accumulated rollover minutes, you only keep the amount of minutes in the plan you are going to. I had the 1400 plan and wanted to downgrade to the 700 plan but had over 10,000 rollover minutes. I was supposed to only keep 700 of the 10,000. I called customer service and they let me keep a total of 5,000 minutes. She said she would do this because I had accumulated so many.

    Give them a call. Don't do it on the website. They may do the same for you.

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