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Thread: iTunes displays filenames as track titles instead of the ID3-titles.

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    iTunes displays filenames as track titles instead of the ID3-titles.
    Hello! I recently bought an iPod Nano 16 GB and am now having some trouble with iTunes (Windows XP SP3). Most of what I've imported is shown correctly in iTunes and in the iPod, but a few albums have the following error: In the "Name"-field in iTunes, the full file name is displayed, instead of the track title from the ID3-tag. In the other fields, such as Artist, Album and so on, the correct ID3-data is displayed, however. The full file name is then also displayed in the iPod after transferring the songs there, which is a problem for a whole lot of my mp3-songs, having long artist names before the title name.

    When right-clicking one of these tracks, clicking "Get Info" and then closing the window again, the track name is changed to the ID3-title. This only works with one track at a time so correcting all tracks in this way will be extremely time consuming (also, I'm not sure that this makes the correct data show up after syncing the songs to the iPod).

    How can I make iTunes display the song title from the ID3-data instead of the file name?

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    The fact that iTunes reverts back to what was there before when you change tells me that the ID3 tags may be corrupt. You can manually have iTunes reconvert the files to MP3 or you can manually have iTunes update the tags. Based on my experience though, it's likely that iTunes sees the tags as corrupted.

    You can find a bulk tagger that will change the names in the ID3 taggs based on the parameters you feed it. In other words, you would be able to tell it to take a file named "Journey - Escape - 03 - Still They Ride" and simply make the ID3 track name read "still They Ride" or whatever you want.

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    Thanks! I'll try some different ID3 programs to try and fix the tags.
    I tried converting the songs to different ID3 version numbers in iTunes but to no avail.

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