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    Sometimes I can't change to landscape keyboard, and sometimes I can't zoom.
    I've noticed that sometimes, like while using Safari to surf the internet, when I have to type something and the keyboard comes up, if I rotate the iPhone the keyboard will not switch to landscape mode like it usually does. The odd thing is that if I get rid of the keyboard, then go back to the webpage and rotate the iPhone into landscape mode, then pull up the keyboard again- then the keyboard will be landscape. Why is that?

    I've also noticed that on Gmail's mobile website I can't use two fingers to zoom in or out like most websites, why is that?


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    Anyone know?

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    Anyone know of a forum with people who could help with iPhone issues?

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    Sorry we do not know. Try restoring your firmware.
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    One thing for sure is not all applications on the iphone allow using your two fingers to make the screen zoom in or out. If it's in Safari it should though.

    You might want to try a restore. Mine always goes into landscape keyboard mode (mine is a 3g). Sometimes it's not instant and might take 1-2 seconds if a lot is going on, but the keyboard always does go landscape. This is in Safari.

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